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‘Sima’ – Sculpting & Moulding Company

Our company has been on a market since 1994. It is a family-run business set up by its owner Henryk Korbanski; who is also an artist and a sculptor. By proxy, Michał Korbanski, who is by profession a moulder, represents the Company. Our Company’s workshop restores historical monuments, buildings and pieces of art as well as carries out modern projects.

We offer specialist services connected with designing and completing both interior and exterior decorations. We provide a wide variety of moulds made from plaster, concrete and Orac Décor. We reconstruct and renovate the front elevations of monuments and sacred buildings (interior elevation, front elevation, altars, sculptures, frames and paintings). We assist building companies with  freelance work and also, we make decorative plastering effects and do wall-paintings/murals.


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Sculptures; paintings; moulds made from concrete, plaster and Orac Décor; decorative plastering effects and flooring made from decorative resin.


Work history

Project 2012 – Front elevation of Evangelic Church in Pokoj


Sztukateria gipsowa i betonowa

Wykonujemy Powłoki Dekoracyjne

Renowacja Zabytków